Early Intervention Resources

This is a brief list of resources related to early intervention.  Some will apply more to EI professionals, and others will have information for parents/caregivers.  Please remember if you have concerns about your child’s speech, language, or social development you should always discuss these with your child’s physician.

EI Excellence:  A great resource for professionals, but also has good information about early intervention programs for parents too!

The Hanen Centre: One of my favorite resources for parents and providers!  Includes this wonderful late talkers article

Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center:  This site is more for parents.  It has a link to each state’s infant-toddler program (ITP).  You’ll be able to link to your state’s infant-toddler program and use that page to find information about the Childhood Developmental Services Agency (CDSA)  in your area.

Family Support Network of North Carolina:  This site is directed at families of children with special needs but has some resources for EI professionals as well.

Dolly Partin’s Imagination Library:  If you have a child age birth-5 this is worth looking into!  Basically it is a FREE book program!  If you live in a qualifying zip code, Imagination Library will send your child one book each month until they are 5 years old.  You get to keep the books and each book is based on your child’s age bracket.  If you have multiple children, you get multiple books!  I am not affiliated with Imagination Library in any way.  We Signed Van up and love it, so I just recommend it every chance I get!  They deliver books to communities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.